I was in a pickle

It was a "bring your kids to work" day. As most of you already know, I have a beautiful set of four year old light colored hair twin little girls. Usually Grandma watches them when I'm performing a wedding and mom has to work. On this particular day though, grandma was sick and couldn't take care of them. I was in a pickle. No baby sitter, my wife couldn't call into work again, and I had to figure something out. Why not dress my little girls up really pretty, dresses, bows in their hair, and ask the bride and groom if they'd like a set of FREE TWIN FOUR YEAR OLD FLOWER GIRLS? I asked and waited. An hour felt like an eternity as I glanced at my phone, waiting for a visual notification. It's OCD for me to even think that I could miss a loud message notification, but if would happen, it'd be me. Ding! My phone had a message that it would be just fine if my girls came to Honaker VA to be flower girls at Daddy's wedding. I'm bringing them to work and they were marvelous! We bought flower petals, baskets, bubble blowers, and needed materials for excellent flowers girls then practiced for hours the night before. Needles to say, I may have to create a package deal in the future with them. Wedding Officiant and four year old twins little flower girls for hire. What can I say? I'm a problem solver..... Till next blog...

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