Blog 9/30/2023

An immediate laugh from beginning to end. There was a wedding coordinator that was there that looked like an Army General ready to deploy us at any time. We were told to be quiet at the rehearsal a few times, but I like that. Give me direction or give me ambiguity, I'll survive.

Quiet, nervous, laughing, or not, we will be walking directly to our destination and not a soul could change the brides mind. (Being thoughtful due to our rocky terrain) the bridesmaids and groomsmen quickly changed sides at the last minute due to high heels on with only one handrail. 

The entire ceremony happens, but no coincidences yet as I promised, only mere shock. As soon I blog about it, it would stop. Disappear. It was as if it was for me only. God wanted me to see these for myself and not share them. So I grab a handful of Hershey Kisses, more than average, like a huge pocketful, and some some young girls noticed right away then took my lead for the of chocolates and hungry weddings. Plates of Hershey Kisses littered our table as we chatted for a quick moment. 

Then the coincidence hit. A familiar looking face just asked, Do you work at the Chateau de Soleil? Yes! I used to! It was my buddy Sara that worked in catering with me at another wedding venue before I began to officiate weddings!! We talked a lot, took a few meal breaks and had conversations about owning our own Wedding Venue someday. 

At that time, I was working 40+ hours a week as a waiter at a restaurant and doing catering on the side for family money. It was only a few months when she and I were working weddings catering with her when I met a minister with passionate, yet specific, and powerful words that were catered to the bride and groom. I came to him one night and asked "how you do you get into this business"? He replied with, "hey kid, here's my card"."

I laughed a bit (because we are about the same age) but still standing right next to my hidden wall garbage can area in the back, I immediately text him, emailed him, and reminding him that I was the skinny intrigued guy wanting to share some of his space, some of his glory and fame surrounding him. I recieved an email the next day. Lengthy too, so fast forward, I finished recieved my BA in Ministry. He was very interested in another wedding minister. He didn't see me as competition, he redeemed me as a coworker. He'd call me every once in a while doing what I might be doing on this day or could I handle another wedding here and there. It was great! I had so many leads, I had to leave (Sara, the Non Profit friend I made), and the three restaurants I was currently married to. So I prayed over Christmas. "God, if you want me to go this, then give me a ton of leads, if not, I'll stay in this restaurant" where I'm fairly happy but get treated poorly and share my tips. I had been working in restaurants for over 23 years and I constantly was being told what to do. Maybe someone got tired of hearing the old stories of college parties, interesting old man facts, or simply everyone was too young in the FOH to don't understand my dad jokes. 

Either way, I made it through that back door after a few congratulations about taking too many days off (due to weddings) God gave me business that I wanted. Then randomly 59 miles away in Delaney Ridge NC, way back in the woods, a group of young girls sees me just swiping handfuls of chocolates for my kids, then that one girl pulls me aside asking if she knew me. Odds? Coincidences? Another one for this blog. The butterfly effect, the Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon, whatever you want to call it, this planet is full of symmetrical parallel vibrations that lead you back to full circle. Cheers Sara! Congratulations Emily and Jared. You're a fun couple. Till next blog! Happy fall. 

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