Blog 9/28/2023

At every wedding or elopement that I officiate, something quirky, unique, odd, or unusual happens. I'll get to all of the ones that have happened in the past in other blogs but let's start with today. The wedding of Daniel and Alison. Beautiful fall day, still a little hot in my new suit I've purchased for another upcoming wedding. The leaves on the trees are still green but you can see leaves falling like large snowflakes pass your line of sight as the sun gleams off the shiny waters of Watauga lake. I'm still looking for something unusual to happen but nothing yet as the photographers and I coordinate our placement so that our shadows from the sun don't creep onto the smiling faces of our soon to be married couple. Everything is set and we get the thumbs up that the bride is ready. At this time, the groom still has his back to the family meanwhile gazing at the sailboats and blinding refections of the lake. The father and daughter begin to approach and I turn the groom around right in time for the first look when dads phone send off the loudest AMBER ALERT! BEEEEEP! BEEEEEP! No music. Just the father walking his daughter to the groom and myself to the loudest yet tunes of an amber alert. And yes, he still agreed to "share" his daughter..

Till the next wedding blog. 

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